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Book Illust.Atlas Lameness/Disorders Vol 1
Price $79.95
Conformation Evaluation Of The Trotter & Pacer W/Bob Boni--VHS
Price $26.50
Elements Of Farrier Science- Canfield- A Good Starter Book
Price $38.80
Essential Principles of Horseshoeing-Foundation Guide to Sound Trimming and Shoeing, Practical Instructions, Interavtive Training Materials, and Step b Step Illustrations of Common Shoeing and Trimming Techniques.
Price $97.95
Gregorys Texbook of Farriery -This textbook was written as a teaching tool, ideal for any course on farriery, equine husbandry, vet school, or one on one apprenticeship situation.
Price $140.00
Hickman Farriery
Price $65.25
How To Trim Your Horses Feet- This Book Gives Tips On Trimming Feet And Horse Handling Learned Through 20 Yrs Of Experience By Mike Williams
Price $9.60
Illustrated Atlas Of Clinical Equine Anatomy & Common Disorders Of The Horse-Volii-Reproduction,Internal Medicine & Skin,By Ronald Riegel.Designed To Provide A Comprehensive Yet Easy To Understand The Review Of Anatomy
Price $85.95
Shoeing In Your Right Mind, Butler,Hard Cover,160 Pages.By Learning How To Access The Power Of The Right Side Of Your Brain (The Visual Side) To "See" Better,You Will Become More Proficient In Assessing Conformation,& Achieving Balance
Price $49.50
Shoeing the Jumper--DVD
Price $26.10
Six-Figure Shoeing-Butler-Hard Cover-290 Pages. Creating A Profitable & Rewarding Business Is Like Constructing A Building. Skill,Experience,& Knowledge Providethe Solid Foundation. It Then Grows Through Proven Business Savvy
Price $59.95
The Art Of Horseshoeing, William Hunting-First Published In 1895 A Manual For Farriers Provides Valuable Strategies For Anyone Wishing To Rediscover The Best Idieas
Price $16.95
The Art Of Shoeing And Balancing The Trotter, Robert Mclellan, Soft Cover, 103 Pages With So Many Controversial And Unconventional Ideas Floating Around Regarding Effective Balance, It'S A Good Time To Go Back And Study The Basics. First Published In 1927
Price $17.95
The Calvary Horseshoers Technical Manual-Veteran Army Farriers Say This 1941 War Department Technical Manusl (Tm-220) Offers The Best Instructions On Shoeing Techniques To Be Found Anywhere
Price $16.95
The Foot Of The Horse. The In-Depth Shoeing Advice Presented Over 100 Years Ago In This 304-Page Book Will Help You Place Many Of Todays Shoeing Challenges In Proper Perspective.
Price $23.95
The How-To Horseshoeing Book,Edited By Christy West-Focuses On The Very Best Techniques Gleaned From More Than 1,800 Articles Appearing In The Pages Of The American Farriers Jounral.
Price $19.95
The Principles Of Horseshoieng 3, Doug Butler, Hard Cover, 957 Pages. The Ultimate Textbook Of Farrier Science & Craftmanship For The 21St Century. This Third Edition Shows You How To Help Horses Stay Sound Or Return To Soundness.
Price $170.45
This guide offers research and diagrams that will help farriers, horse owners and trainers better understand more than 50 common hoof problems.
Price $61.55

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